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Residential Computer Repair


In-Home Computer Repair Services

If you’ve ever had a problem with your computer and had to take it in for service you know what a headache it can be to disconnect your computer, drive it across town, leave it for a week and then have to go pick it up it, bring it home and reconnect it. At Computer Repair of Greensboro we understand that your schedule and time are your own so we make house calls, 6 Days a week. We guarantee to be on time or you get a $25 discount and we guarantee to be available within 24 hours.  All of our technicians are certified and pass extensive background checks and drug screens. You can feel comfortable that when we visit your home you’ll have a reliable professional taking care of your needs. If for some reason we need to take your equipment off-site we’ll be glad to pick it up and then deliver and reconnect it once it’s been repaired. In most cases, you’ll have your equipment back within 24-48 hours.

Computer Networking

Desktops, Laptops, Media Centers PC’s, MP3 players, Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, Video Games etc…With all of the technology in our lives today it can become confusing and overwhelming when something goes wrong. What is supposed to make our lives easier, more enjoyable and in some cases, more profitable can quickly cost us money, create stress and leave us frazzled. Whether it’s setting up your home network of 2 or 3 computers so you can share files and photos or streaming video, music and games to your 50″ flat screen television, we can make the connection. We can design and set up a custom network or simply troubleshoot and repair an existing one.  Making your technology work for you; keeping you connected and secure is our goal.

Virus and Malware Removal

Have you ever been working on your computer and it seemed to take on a life of it’s own? Pop-ups requesting personal information, programs mysteriously stop working and your computer slows to a crawl? If it sounds familiar then you’ve most likely been infected with malware or a virus that can wreak havoc if left unchecked. We are experts in targeting and eradicating malware, spyware and viruses. No matter what type of computer you have, protecting it with an up to date anti-virus can help you avoid becoming infected and prevent you from passing on those infections to others through shared files and emails.

Data Transfer Backup and Recovery

There is a saying in the computer business: “There are two kinds of computers, those that have crashed and those that are going to.” How often do you backup your computer? If it were to crash today or be stolen, would you lose important data? Family pictures and video? A music collection? We can customize a simple backup plan to protect all of your data in the event of a catastrophe. Whether it’s an external drive connected directly to your computer or you choose to back up off-site, we can help configure it so that your important information is backed up regularly and efficiently. In addition to backing up your data we can recover files that have been lost due to hardware malfunctions, software conflicts even hard drive reformatting.

PC Upgrades

Ever feel like you have your computer working well and up to date only to find out it doesn’t have what you need for your favorite website, online game or the latest software? Despite the computer industry’s insatiable appetite for faster computers with greater storage we can give your computer a second life by upgrading some of its critical components; saving you hundreds of dollars. Adding more memory for faster multi-tasking, switching out or adding an extra hard drive or upgrading your current video card can all make a significant difference in performance and don’t break your bank. As part of every job, we perform a free assessment of your current technology and make recommendations on what you may need in the future. So before you get rid of that old computer, consider a makeover. Sometimes a little TLC is all your computer needs.

Preventive Maintenance and Optimization

Just like your car, home or health having regular checkups and routine maintenance done on your computer can prevent trouble later. At Computer Repair of Greensboro we maintain a recommended schedule maintenance program based on your equipment and usage habits so you don’t have to. Every time we visit we’ll make sure you have the latest anti-virus and windows updates installed. We’ll optimize your system, increasing it’s life and ultimately, saving you money.

Customer Satisfaction

"I called Computer Repair of Greensboro late on Friday and asked them to come out late Saturday afternoon (which I couldn't believe they'd be willing to do). When the technician showed up he quickly diagnosed the problem and gave me all of the information I needed to order the part. Once the motherboard came in they came out as soon as I called and got my computer up and running. Excellent service. I would definitely use Computer Repair of Greensboro again."

S. Savageau - Greensboro, NC

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